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"Kanseidousei mataha Kansei eno Tousou (The Canned Cohabitation or The Escape to the Plot)"


From behind me at noon in the mirror of nasty
feelings Yellow Kiki shows up
This means the poem is done for, boring, no good
If Kiki's entry were the theme, there would be nothing
more to desire (Note 1)
I'll play with the vivid virgin Kiki
With a testicle-roll Kiki assumes a posture of
wrapping me the awelling space of Kiki's
body comes closing in
A repesting sensation from the past is nobody's but mine
Now what a relief to have individual existence
As she's a virgin the parents the immoral doings
as well are given signifiance so
Let's begin by lifting up a skirt
Fire in the torest, get excited
Damn the female lavatory
Asthe virgin's croth-seat is peaceful birds are
From the smooth precipice immediately to the deep chasm
Faint infatuation is beginning to bloom
I'll forget about everything
I'm not going to the bath house (Note 2)
I'll quit working
Saying something like hunger wipes out a lie and
For becoming idle Yellow Kiki is the very best thing
To lubriciously sink Kiki who is seperated from her
father and on the likes of an emotional journey
To thrust the phallus into a shrine breaking Yellow
Kiki's hymen
Grass pillow of swelling female genitals
Following, running,cackling and laughing voices
The daylight comes and
Yellow Kiki in a wrapping pose comes to make friends
With me
Now the hymen's fate is in its new year
Virgin Kiki throughly jerks the hair of
and kicks the virgin within me
This is the actual condition of peaceful
wanderings of idleness
Virgin Kiki uses revolution a ceaseless
subject of gossip in front of the virgin
within me as a didlo
This is the actual condition of the testicle-roll
Masturbation night after night
It's no good if such is the poem
Mr. Matsumoto came yesterday Sunday to talk about poetry(Note3)
Though he does'nt want to write poems anymore
He is all the more tempted by poetry and so
has ended up with nothing but masturbation
It's self-conceit
You'll spoil the language, i said
I'll loan you virgin Kiki (Note4)
Substance for what it may be worth
A cat is eating on the track left when she was taken
away by Mr. Matsumoto
As I was shedding a tear and thinking of the complications
of VirginKiki's shrine painted in vermilion
Somehow I went astray in craving's primeval forest
and (Note 5)
Where are you Kiki?
I'm sad Kiki
I feel miserable Kiki
that's too much Kiki
Womem are for lending Kiki
Debutant trollop Kiki
It's a poem Kiki
Already hopeless Yellow Kiki
I should not have however however
Turned Kiki over to Mr. Matsumoto
The apprehension arose and
Regret shaking is face like a cat ate
My very hairy nerves entirely (Note 6)
Then at that monent as I saw Kiki in front of the station
coming back (Note 7)
Ah as she was still a virgin
Anyhow in some way first of all
I thrust my phallus into the shrine painted in
vermilion breaking Yellow Kiki's wrapping-up
The hymen which reproduces itself nevertheless before long
The hymen Kiki gets tinged
At the cackling voice of a bright wrapping-up
I was raped by the hymen from behind
Unable to move
And ended up having became a peace-loving man of noon
in a men's lavatory


1. Kiki is not danger ( the word danger is pronounced kiki in Japanese).She was often seen as she went with regularity to her school. She performed the seasonal custom of changing all ones clothing every June and October. Her future is plain, there will be a marriage ceremony, a family and intercourse.
2.When I lived in Misasa-cho, Hiroshima I used to go to the bath house at around half past ten in the evening. With a washbowl under my arm I would go there with my wife, either running or walking through the night town. On cold nights in the Winter, I became weary of going out, I said to my wife that I no longer felt like going out to the bath house and she replied that she would go alone, but as it was sad to be left by myself I ended up going there too.
3.I do not have a friend called Mr Matsumoto.
4. It's a fun to loan women as one please. Yet, I am not capable of doing so. I'm too afraid that something will crumble.
5. Miyajima, the location of Itsukushima Shrine, is surrounded by primeval forest.
6. "Nerves" here means " you've got a nerve" or " What a nerve fellow".
7. A crowd of people walking in front of the station is a crowd above anything else, and is a chance for us to feel awere that man is most certainly an animal.

(Translated by Tetsuo Kinosita)

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