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"Kanseidousei mataha Kansei eno Tousou (The Canned Cohabitation or The Escape to the Plot)"


Before noon in the room as usual
I had become a cup
And I was in the palm of that female
Tremulous lips approached
My body stiffened and shattered apart
Promptly the pieces of my body, alert and shrewd
take aim at her bare foot
And then I was hair
I am combed between her fingers
Combed between my thighs
5:22 to :33 a swift hand movement
Entangled in serenity and anguish, I
Put the shuddering tips of my nails to the corner of her lips
Strangled her, both arms tight around her neck
I who drift with her combing arms
Continue endlessly
To enclose her arms in piston motion
Then mantle in her belly in vermiculation

She held in fact a pisrtol in hand
It was in truth my penis
Her aim was at a hard and iron lidded

(On the underneath was a landscape photograph
in colour)

At length she stood up
In my flesh I felt as if I was falling from her neck over breasts
to the top of her buttocks
I had become her craving
Her buttocks pressed tight on her bare feet
An upheaval of breasts on her buttocks
I was at last made complete

(Translated by Tetsuo Kinosita)

NOTE:From "She held in..." to "Man-hole",the lines are enclosed by square.

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