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英語訳「望遠鏡」"Bouenkyou" translated in English


                translated by Thackery

     Something too far away to see from here.
     I tried to see through a telescope.
     What was it that appeared in the round frame?
     It was a horse and a woman in the field.
     Looking at it closely,
     I recognized that,
     The woman was being raped by the horse.
     The horse,
     Holding the woman,
     While raising his front hooves.
     No way for her to get away.
     She was just lying under his abdomen,
     He cast a brown glance at me,
     While swinging up and down his long mane.
     I was absorbed into his eyeballs,
     And disappeared into the scenery in the round frame,
     Together with the horse and the woman.

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